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The Best Coffee Maker for Budget Coffee Lovers!

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Caffeination Coffee Makers – Who Are We?

We are a unique coffee maker retailer.

Everything coffee is what we do. Coffee cooking, coffee tasting, coffee classes, coffee roasting, coffee stories, coffee equipment, coffee, coffee, coffee.

It’s the company that stirred up coffee lovers all over the country, luring them with the aromas of freshly roasted coffee and the promise of new tastes and experiences. Being in a central New Zealand location, and a central location within Wellington – right on the waterfront – Wellington is a great setting for such a coffee showcase. Best of all, Caffeination brings together coffee lovers, aficionado’s and experts within the industry.

Caffeination promises to educate, inform, network and showcase the very best of coffee and related products.

Coffee lovers are treated to tastings from numerous coffee roasters and brands, and they’ll learn all about the different ways their favourite drink can be served.

Whether you’re a coffee lover or working within the industry, the fact that coffee is a daily ritual for a high percentage of New Zealanders.

There will be everything from fair trade and organic coffee, filtering options, an array of coffee cups through to coffee machines and other related products on show.

Visitors will also be able to learn from the best in the industry when baristas show off their techniques to allow coffee lovers to make that perfect cup in the comfort of their own home.

The Best Coffee Maker for Budget Coffee Lovers!

$179.00 $149.00

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