Coffee Bean Review – Eight Oclock Beans!

This month’s featured coffee is none other than Eight O’Clock Bean Coffee 100% Colombian. Since 1859 Eight O’Clock has roasted and sold more quality whole bean coffee than any other brand and is still America’s No. 1 Bean Coffee! The coffee we reviewed was purchased at a WalMart Super Center In Charlestown West Virginia. The beans were ground for an automatic drip coffeemaker, and a Mr. Coffee coffeemaker was used to brew the beans to perfection. Overall our staff was very pleased with the result. The price of the coffee was low when compared with other whole bean brands, while the “bang for the buck” was not really compromised. Eight O’Clock Colombian is an uncommonly good everyday coffee. At under $3.00 for the thirteen ounce package we feel it is an excellent value, and recommend it whole – bean – heartedly!

This Month’s Brew Review

The following rating system uses the “five – star” rating method with five stars awarded being the highest and optimum rating.


Eight O’Clock Colombian Coffee is available in most major grocery stores.


At $3.00 per 13 ounce package its an excellent value!


Eight O’Clock Colombian is a good mild-flavored bean.


This is the one area that could stand for improvement, though Eight O’clock smells wonderful in the kitchen, it is not so rich as to fill your entire house with its heavenly aroma.


With its delicious mild flavor, it will be hard for any coffee lover to stop at just one cup.